Prepaid electricity using Ecocash: Top 3 applications

Prepaid electricity using Ecocash: Top 3 applications

ZESA prepaid electricity

So there’s been vast improvements in the options available if one wants to purchase prepaid electricity tokens in Zimbabwe. There are various banks and mobile money platforms that offer such a services. Of all banking and mobile money services in Zimbabwe, Ecocash is by far the most widespread. With a subscriber base of at least 5 million, it is a powerhouse. We decided to to a quick review of the 3 best ways in which customers can purchase prepaid electricity tokens using Ecocash. Well, here are the reviews;


The major problem with telpay is the landing page. It is not immediately clear where you must click next to buy. Most first time user might get lost on the page . It seems the primary function of the site is payment of telone services than purchasing ZESA. This is especially true on the mobile version of the site. However once you get to the ZESA purchase page the steps are very simple.

Here are the steps:

  1. On the landing page find the ZETDC purchase and click on it
  2. Specify the meter number you wish to pay for.
  3. Once payment is complete, a confirmation of payment will be displayed on screen and also sent to you by SMS (optional).

Click on next to purchase your Prepaid Electricity (Options are also available for other payment methods)

The minimum purchase on telpay is US$5. To buy ZESA using telpay click here

prepaid electricity telpay


This web based solution by Kwiktech solutions is fairly simple and efficient. Four simple steps and you get your ZESA token via SMS. We managed to do a purchase for as little as US$2 using this application. However, we could not reach the page for a couple of times during our tests (We hope this was just a glitch or the site was under some sort of maintenance).

Here are the steps you go through to purchase ZESA using magetsi:

  1. Enter meter number and amount
  2. Confirm account details by clicking next
  3. Enter mobile number (to which token will be received) and email (optional). Enter ecocash number i.e number making payment
  4. Complete payment by entering your ecocash pin code on your mobile device

The minimum purchase on magetsi is US$2. To buy ZESA using magetsi click here

prepaid electricity magetsi



Pre-paid wins the top spot. Its simple, its fast and did I mention how simple it is? These guys went all out to provide a simple, fast and efficient solution. You cannot get confused or lost anywhere on their site. Fill in the required details on the landing page, request payment and complete purchase via a prompt message for your ecocash password and boom you are done. A SMS is sent to your phone with the ZESA token.

The minimum purchase on pre-paid is US$2. To buy ZESA using pre-paid click here

prepaid electricity

NB. pre-paid also offers an SMS based solution. SMS the word ZESA to 0772700990 for instructions to buy via SMS. Other SMS solutions also exist.




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