Can Google’s new Allo messenger app beat WhatsApp?

Can Google’s new Allo messenger app beat WhatsApp?

A few months ago Google announced Google Duo and Allo. Two apps that would take on video chat and instant messaging apps. Google Duo is now a few months old and while we like it, it’s not yet clear if its doing too well. After some attempts to build a successful messaging app, Google have invested in Allo. The move is obviously a combat attempt at instant messaging apps like Whatsapp, Telegram and Facebook Messenger. Allo is now available to download from Google Play and App Store.

What is Google Allo?

But what really is Google Allo? Well as you may already know by now, its an instant messaging app. A lot similar to WhatsApp really. Upon using it for the very first time it looks and feels a lot like WhatsApp so most will feel at home. So if its a lot like WhatsApp then what’s the point? That right there is the million dollar question. What’s the point of yet another messaging app that kinda looks and feels that one we are already enjoying? The answer to that is Artificial Intelligence (AI). Google have infused AI into their app through Google Assistant. Google assistant was introduced at the tech giant’s I/O conference earlier this year and it is somewhat an extension of Google Now.

Allo vs WhatsApp vs Messenger

WhatsApp messenger dominates the instant messaging world while Facebook messenger is not too far off behind. Google’s new app comes into a somewhat saturated market and will have to offer a lot to make it. Let’s take a look at the 3 messaging apps:


Two of the strongest selling points for WhatsApp are the recently introduced end-to-end encryption and voice calling. WhatsApp is quite as private as could be right now and that is something most people would prefer. The app is also very user friendly yet still fun. The voice calling feature is an absolute killer. WhatsApp has become so popular that one can have up to 80% of contacts being on the app. That alone is reason enough make it the best.

Though such a great app, the recent announcement to link it with Facebook may not go down well with some users.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger now has over a billion monthly users and that’s great. The app world is a game of numbers and messenger is enjoying its share of users. The app also supports voice and video calling though our experience with these is not as smooth as we’d love it to be. Might be a data network issue but all the same, we always have a great experience on WhatsApp voice call.

Messenger does not support end-to-end encryption by default.

Google Allo

The Google Messenger is awesome as far as we are concerned and it’s probably the selling point for Allo. In that regards the app has great potential. However, there are privacy issues with the app. Actually, some tech gurus like Edward Snowden think you shouldn’t even use Allo if you have privacy paranoia. The tech guru posted a series of tweets emphasizing on how the app isn’t private. Whether the average person cares about such privacy remains to be seen.

The verdict

While AI is great and all, most people will not get it. Not even in a lifetime. The average person might actually get annoyed by the assistant considering how shorthand is popular. So in a nutshell, no we do not think Allo will take down either WhatsApp or Messenger. However, we do appreciate that AI integration is the future and in the long run Allo might actually give other apps a run for their money.

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