Code Purple is empowering African girls through coding

Code Purple is empowering African girls through coding

Initiatives like Code Purple is one of the reasons we get up everyday to talk about the African tech scene. Its one of those reasons that makes the African tech scene exciting. Its just a breath of fresh air. We met with Marlene Mhangami, the director and co-founder of Purple Lipstick, an organisation that seeks to empower African women.

Code Purple

It is no big secret that there isn’t enough women in tech. This lack is a worldwide phenomena but is magnified in Africa. Purple lipstick want to abate this problem through Code Purple. The mandate is very simple. To get young girls interested in technology. The organisation hosts coding seminars to teach python to get girls interested in tech. Marlene said she hoped they would be able to integrate with school science clubs in the near future. ‘The girls are expected to be able to come up with projects they would have done themselves at the end of the training’ she added. The organisation has also built affiliations with other organisations like Muzinda Hub and Django Girls.

One would expect the founder to be a tech head of sorts. This was not the case with Marlene. She has her eyes on being a medical practitioner and has already started her path on achieving that. It is her passion for women empowerment and love for Africa that drives her vision.

What we think

Its totally imperative that young African women enter the tech scene. There could not be a better time for it. Organisations like Purple Lipstick and programs like Code Purple is what will cut it. The continent needs more initiatives of such a nature. Programs by young driven women passionate about the future of their younger counterparts. Initiatives like Code Purple need financial support from both government and private sector. We could never over-emphasize on how important such support structures are.

To purple Lipstick we say keep up the great work and we are together in re-imagining our continent. Kaguvi Digital is Purple!

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