Kodhi dzatapsey wants you to learn code in Shona

Kodhi dzatapsey wants you to learn code in Shona

After reading about the D-Rover project in a local blog, we decided to check out more about it. That is when we learnt about Kodhi dzatapsey, an initiative by a young Zimbabwean programmer. Tapiwanashe Matangira just oozes that geek swag that we so love. We met the founder of Kodhi dzatapsey over drinks and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Early childhood

Tapiwa says ‘I started reading electronics books in primary school with a friend, he used to sell the books so we’d read them.’ By the time they were in form 2, him and his friend could build simple IC circuits. It was in 2011 at the age of 17 when he started learning coding. ‘I got some university programming books from a lady in my neighborhood and started reading’ says Tapiwa. His story is just another classic case of pure genius. In 2012, him and his friend won the Young Scientist Exhibition contest.

kodhi dzatapsey

Fast forward a few years, Tapiwa is now a fourth year Computer Science student at Harare Institute of Technology (HIT). His dream, to teach and inspire as many young programmers as he can. Kodhi dzatapsey is an initiative to teach people to code using a drag and drop Java application that Matangira has built. The word ‘Kodhi’ is a Shona play on ‘Code’ and the application’s text is all in Shona. ‘I developed Kodhi 123 (the Java application) to enable people to learn coding in a simple manner’ says Tapiwa. The application is available on GitHub for anyone to use. All of Tapiwa’s projects are Open Source.


The D-Rover is an electric rover controlled by an android phone. The project is as exciting as they come and evidence there is massive talent locally. Though Tapiwa built the project form salvaged components, one can built it for a $98 budget. For the full bill of material for the project click HERE.

Watch the D-Rover demo below:


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