English Premiership Fantasy Football Zimbabwe craze

English Premiership Fantasy Football Zimbabwe craze

The English Premiere League (EPL) probably has one of the biggest following in the world. The advent of pay television and livestreaming has popularised it globally. The soccer craze is really a global phenomena, one that unites people from all walks of life. Zimbos are known to love the game of football and the EPL is very popular in Zimbabwe. Walk into any sports betting shop during an EPL match and you’ll understand what I’m talking about.

There is however a new football craze around. Fantasy football, a game in which participants manage a virtual or imaginary football squad and get points according to the assembled team’s performance. Fantasy football casts one into the role of a Fantasy Manager. While the game has been in existence for years, it has recently taken a boom. The advent of smartphones and internet has really popularised the game.

fantasy football
fantasy football team

There is at least 6300 fantasy football players in Zimbabwe and this number will definitely keep rising. More and more people are jumping onto this online game everyday. Data bundles from local Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) have also made easier for people to play online games like Fantasy Football.

How to join Fantasy Premiership football

The fantasy premiership app is available for Desktop and for mobile devices. Once you join and select a team you can create or join leagues and enjoy competing with friends, workmates etc.

What makes Fantasy football fun?

So what exactly is it that makes this virtual coaching game so exciting? Well many reason really. Lets take a look as a few;

The rush

Fantasy Football is exciting and addictive. One get a rush of blood when selecting players. Predicting the player’s performance for a particular game is as exciting as it gets. Its like a cheap form of gambling really.

No meaningless games

Middlesborough vs Burnley is not really a game that a Zimbo would sit down to watch, except of course the legendary Charles Mabika a staunch Middlesborough supporter. Well that is not the case when one plays Fantasy Football. Every match matters. You will want to know how your players are performing regardless of the team they play for.

Knowledge expansion

Football fans brag about how much they know. Every football game in a bar is characterised by loud discussions meant to prove who knows what and who does not. Fantasy football will get you knowing facts about players you would never had before thought about.

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