Instapay: Zimbabwe’s ultimate pre-paid electricity solution

Instapay: Zimbabwe’s ultimate pre-paid electricity solution


Instapay is by far the app we have been waiting for and we think you’ll love it as well. Buying airtime and ZETDC pre-paid electricity vouchers has never been easier. Truly speaking, it really has been an awfully long time coming for such an app. While there is a number of apps that perform similar functions, Instapay is the most convenient. The app seamlessly integrates two critical elements with the two most popular mobile money platforms.

The critical elements

Airtime credit and ZETDC electricity tokens are probably the two most solicited prepaid services in Zimbabwe. Instapay provides purchase services for the 3 largest Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) in Zimbabwe, Econet, Telecel and Netone as well as ZETDC. Customers can pay for these two services using the two most popular mobile money platforms. Ecocash and Telecash are the country’s two largest mobile money systems. The two have a combined subsciber base of more than 7 millions users. Integration of the two services into any payment app is a sure smart move.



The app was developed by Afrosoft Holdings and has 100+ downloads so far with a user rating of 5 star. The download size is about 3 Mb.

User eexperience

The app’s interface is as clean as they can get. Its virtually impossible for any user to get lost once they open the app. The landing page has a simple ‘Start Transacting’ button which no one can miss. Clicking on the Start Transacting button leads to another simple and straight forward page with two services, Topup Airtime and ZETDC Prepaid Electricity.


After selecting one of the two available services the user proceed to pay using either ecocash or telecash. For the prepaid electricity, the token is sent either to the customer’s phone or to their email. The Airtime Topup function however has a rather meaningless feature. There is a ‘select airtime type’ drop down menu with only one option to choose making the whole thing unnecessary. In fact, the feature may confuse or even annoy some users. The ZETDC page is also grayed as if not functional.

Our favorite features


There are two very cool features on the app. The first one lets the user save their ZETDC meter number and details while the second one shows their transaction history. These features add to the convenience of the app.

The verdict

Honestly, the app is a killer. So far the best in the services offered. Kudos to Afrosoft Holdings for a job well done. We hope to see more features like additional payment methods and services like bills, rates and the like.


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