Meet Jake, the beautiful side of technology

Meet Jake, the beautiful side of technology

Many people see technology as a threat to humanity. The advent of the Internet of Things is to many the end of ‘human as we know them.’ Well evolution can never be stopped, the death of one generation births another. I personally belong to this generation both arms up. I think the IoT is one of the most beautiful things to ever happen to mankind. The internet has compressed the world into a few million gigabytes and put it within a few clicks from you and me.

The case of Jake

I could name a dozen people who literally light up just looking at a picture of Jake. The 4 year old boy from Ghana probably has no idea what a simple picture of him is achieving around the world. Countless memes have been made. Most of them hilarious, sending smiles down the faces of thousands of people. That is the beauty of technology friends!

Who is Jake?

Jake is a 4 year old boy from a small village called Asempanaye, Koforidua in Ghana. His picture was taken by Solomon Adufah, a Ghanaian artist based in the United States. Adufah shared the young boy’s picture on instagram and wrote, “Everyone Say Hi to my buddy Jake. This was moments in Ghana during my Art workshop ? with the kids. Each kid received brand new set of crayons, pencil colors, pencils, toys and other wonderful goodies. The expressions on their faces were heartfelt. I appreciate you all for making this possible for the children and support my cause.”

Some of the memes

Memes of the super cute 4 year old have literally broken the internet. Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, you name it, this young fella has taken it all by storm. Here are a couple of the hilarious memes doing rounds on Social Media.

jake jakejake

Help Jake and his friends

We all laughed, we all smiled, now it is time to help Jake and his friends. Solomon Adufah’s goal is to help young kids like Jake with their education. Adufah is calling for your support in his quest. If you would like to contribute towards these kids’ education please follow this link.

Jake and friends: image (Solomon Adufah)

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