How to improve WhatsApp call quality in Zimbabwe

How to improve WhatsApp call quality in Zimbabwe

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The WhatsApp call feature continues to become popular. With local voice call tariffs high and the recent scrapping of voice bundles in Zimbabwe, many citizens are left with just the WhatsApp calling. While this VoIP (Voice over IP) feature on the WhatsApp platform is great, it comes with a set of challenges. Most users will attest to the quality of calls on WhatsApp to be rather disappointing in most parts of the country. The situation is even worse when one makes international calls. Well, if you have faced poor call quality in the app here are some useful tips

Use a VPN

Now theoretically this is bad advise. Using a VPN should actually worsen your call quality. Surprising though, this is practically extremely sound advice. You will experience great call quality using a VPN, on the condition that you have a half decent connection. The improvement seems to be due to encapsulating the UDP VoIP packets ( SIP and RTP ) in TCP/IP. Too technical? Don’t worry, just try it. The bottom line is VPN has no negative influence on latency, jitter and packet loss.

VPNs were popularised in the country a few months ago, all be it for a slightly different reason. There is a wide range of VPNs to choose from, just find one that works for you and install it. Some smartphones will have a manual VPN setup.

Activate 4G LTE

A 4G network brings broadband to your phone thus giving you faster data speeds. If you have a 4G enabled smartphone and are on a 4G enabled network, use it for a better WhatsApp call quality.

How much data does a VPN use?

Using a VPN will increase your data usage. The amount of data used will depend on a number of variables like your internet connection network and the VPN used. Generally the data used by the VPN should be negligible when using data bundles.


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