Zimbabwean innovators, don’t be fooled. Stay safe.

Zimbabwean innovators, don’t be fooled. Stay safe.

Finally, Zimbabwean innovators have come to the party. Maybe there were already here, just the music was missing? Either way, the tech scene in Zimbabwe has taken off and it is looking good. There is such a buzz around which could easily be described as a tech frenzy. Captains of industry have come out in ‘full force’ to support innovation in ICT.

There is such a growing culture of pitching going on in Zimbabwe and its exciting. Any innovator will kill to stand in front of a potential investor and the sudden interest and involvement by local Mobile Network Operators and POTRAZ are excellent. Good as it is, take heed fellow innovators, you are a zebra at the watering hole. Keep your head up. Innovators just cannot take anyone’s word that their ideas will be protected. Especially by the people that are interested in the idea. It really makes no Intellectual Property (IP) sense.

You are not safe

Again, remember you are a Zebra. Do not hug the lion. The lion will get hungry and the hungry lion will eat the zebra. Love it, hate it, belive it or not, it;s a fact.

When you drink with the lion stay alert!


If you are an innovator and are pitching at any event, know this. You are not safe. Until and when you get the proper IP protection rights, always be prepare for the worst. Fore-warned is fore-told. While POTRAZ and the MNOs may not be out on an ‘idea harvesting’ mission, what’s to stop other innovators reaping you off your hard-thought ideas?

What to do

Our advice is very simple, act paranoid. Yes, act extremely paranoid. The only person who can truly protect you is you. Take all steps one could possibly take to protect yourself. If your idea means anything to you then you owe this to yourself. Learn about IP protection today if you have no idea what it’s about.

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