Johnson & Johnson Africa Innovation Challenge call for applications

Johnson & Johnson Africa Innovation Challenge call for applications

Johnson & Johnson have just launched the Africa Innovation Challenge. The challenge is aimed at all budding entrepreneurs and innovators in Africa with innovative consumer healthcare solutions.

What is up for grabs?

Chosen applicants will receive a combination of awards including funding up to US $100,000, potential lab space in Africa and/or business and technical mentoring from some of the brightest minds at Johnson & Johnson to help bring their idea to life and create meaningful change in their community or country.

Who can apply?

Applications should only be submitted by authorized representatives of the Applicant applying for the Africa Innovation Challenge. To qualify, each Applicant must submit an innovative idea in at least one of the following categories:

1. Promoting Early Child Development & Maternal Health

Improving maternal health helps nurture happy, healthy babies and generates positive child development. The challenge is looking for non-pharmaceutical product or technology solutions that will help ensure women and newborns in Africa stay healthy during pregnancy, childbirth and throughout child development stages.

2. Empowering Young Girls

Access to good education and basic needs such as feminine care products is important to make sure young girls across Africa realize their full potential. The challenge is looking for consumer product, technology and educational innovations that address these needs, making a brighter future possible for young women.

3. Improving Family Well-being

Families need reliable health care information, access to health care professionals and effective everyday products in order to thrive. The challenge is searching for innovative technology-driven solutions that help promote access to health care knowledge, advice and products to enhance the well-being of consumers in Africa.

Idea assessment criteria

Johnson & Johnson will assess all idea submissions in the aforementioned categories on the following basis:

  • The idea is innovative and creative
  • Idea submission is scalable
  • Idea submission outlines how the award would help them reach a critical milestone within the timeframe of a single year and provides a full commercialization plan

How to apply for the Africa Innovation Challenge

To apply for the Johnson & Johnson Africa Innovation Challenge CLICK HERE

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