Google security engineer says antivirus tools are useless

Google security engineer says antivirus tools are useless

Antivirus tools are useless, a Google security engineer has proclaimed. Darren Bilby, a senior Google security engineer should spend less time working on antiviruses. According to Bilby, antiviruses and intrusion detection is what the industry has set out to work on. However, the security guru insists hackers should spend more time on things that actually work.

Bilby had this to say:

“We need to stop investing in those things we have shown do not work. Sure, you are going to have to spend some time on things like intrusion detection systems because that’s what the industry has decided is the plan, but allocate some time to working on things that actually genuinely help.Antivirus does some useful things, but in reality it is more like a canary in the coal mine. It is worse than that. It’s like we are standing around the dead canary saying thank God it inhaled all the poisonous gas.”

Bilby argues that users are being blamed for phishing adverts and infected executable files downloaded from the internet. He insists companies need to stop investing in ‘things that have been shown not to work.’

Antivirus tools are useless? True or False?

So, is Bilby presenting facts or is he just ranting for attention? Before I answer that let me say this, for 4 years now I have not used an antivirus tools on my Windows machine. I just do not see the need or rather their effectiveness. In those 4 ‘no antivirus years’ I really have not had any malware related issues.

I happen to be the ‘go to guy’ in my circle of friends and family when it comes to tech stuff. Weirdest thing is I’ve fixed so many computers infected with a barrage of different malware. All of these always come with an up to date antivirus software. Get’s you wondering doesn’t it?

The security secret

There are 3 major reasons why I as a Windows user do not use third party antivirus software

  1. Windows Firewall
  2. Windows defender
  3. Modern Internet browser security
  4. Windows Smartscreen

In my opinion, the above features in Windows render a third party anti-malware program unnecessary. You honestly do not need any other third party antivirus tool. The above tools provide for security protection against malware and phishing scams. All modern browsers now also provide pretty robust security features. Browser security is probably the most important. Most virus infections happen to be on the internet. It is imperative thus to keep your browser up to date to reduce chances of malware attacks.

To seal this off, I could not agree more with Bilby. More time and money could be channeled to more useful things than virus protection software development.

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