Econet introduces speed challenge, here is how much data it will cost you

Econet introduces speed challenge, here is how much data it will cost you

Econet has previously claimed to have the fastest 4G/LTE network in Zimbabwe. Whether true or false, they have set out to prove it by setting up a speed challenge open to all its subscribers. Very gutsy and bold move. We will know soon enough whether Econet really has the fastest 4G/LTE network on the land, but, your guess is as good as mine.

The mobile network is dropping some cool prizes for the speed challenge as well. The challenge has already had winners for two weeks now and the speeds I’ve seen are obliterating by Zimbabwean standards. Econet’s 4G/LTE network is not widespread throughout the country, so subscribers might not experience some of the speeds I’m talking about. However, those who do will need to know one or two things before taking the speed challenge

What you possibly did not know

The speed test will cost you money. Depending on the data plan you have, it could cost you a small fortune. Well maybe not, but you might feel the pinch. How much data will each speed test cost you? Well before I answer that here are a few screen shots of some speed tests I conducted using an LG G4;

econet speed-challenge

Look closely at the screenshots and you will see the speed test cost the upside of 60Mb. Basically the higher the speeds you experience the more the data the test will cost you. My guess is the test might chew up as much as 100Mb for the best of speeds. It’s important that you know this before you start wondering where your data is disappearing to. So yeah, do not go all ballistic on the challenge, unless of cause you do not mind the expense.

How to enter the Econet Speed Challenge

  • Download Speedtest by Ookla app (android) or go to the Apple App Store and download the Speedtest by Ookla app
  • Open the app and select “Begin Test”
  • Once the test is complete, take a screenshot (make sure the time you completed the speed test is also showing)
  • WhatsApp your screenshot to 0772 127 728 with your Full Name and the Device Model you used to do the test. E.g. Ngoni Mhuru – LG G4


Econet is giving away prizes every Saturday during the Speed Challenge

  • Top Speed Winner – 4G/LTE Smartphone
  • 1st Runner Up – $50 Shopping Voucher
  • 2nd Runner Up – $20 Airtime

The Speed Challenge will run from Monday 14 November – Friday 23 December 2016

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