Facebook launches Gameroom, local developers could benefit

Facebook launches Gameroom, local developers could benefit

Facebook have launched Gameroom, a PC gaming platform similar to Steam. The tech giant announced its plans sometime in August and has delivered. The arcade project is a Facebook partnership with the Unity developer Toolset. The Gameroom arcade project is a Windows-native client available to download for free for players around the world. Gameroom supports both web games and native games built specifically for the ecosystem. Gameroom is available for Windows 7, 8 and 10 users.

Starting small

Facebook will not bite bite more than they can chew. Gameroom will only host game which are not larger than 200MB. Games larger than this might be considered under ‘special’ circumstances and cannot be more than 500MB. This size limit automatically eliminates any hardcore gamers expecting Gears of War 4 or Tom Clancy’s The Division.

Game categories in Gameroom

Gameroom for local developers

Early birds always win, well more of have the early start advantage. One of the major challenges local developers have faced is ‘lag.’ We always seem to be way behind on new things. Facebook here presents an opportunity African developers. The size limit means much much less competition from heavy weights which usually cloud platforms like Steam and Origin. While there is a great opportunity here, it will not be a walk in the park nor will it remain like it is. Our developers still have to do a mighty fine work of it.

An insight

There is nothing to write home about once you experience this platform, at least at the moment. It kind of feels old and familiar for a newly released platform. We obviously expect this to improve quickly, especially with Facebook pushing hard in the VR sectors. We can expect them to drop a few games of their own in VR pretty soon. While hardcore gamers will have nothing to do with this, we like to believe Facebook are onto something. Not to mention the 1 billion Facebook users advantage they have.

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