South Africa launches state of the art VFS Visa application centres in Harare and Bulawayo

South Africa launches state of the art VFS Visa application centres in Harare and Bulawayo

The South African government has partnered with VFS Global to deliver state of the art Visa application centres in Harare and Bulawayo. As from the 1st of December 2016, all Visa applications in Zimbabwe will be handled through the two centres. This is an innovative move by the South African government. Visa application at the South African embassy was starting to be a pain and was fuelling petty corruption at the consulate. The new Visa application centres will allow for efficient application handling as it is heavily automated.

Some of the features of the Visa application centres include:

  • Longer operating hours
  • call centre and email support
  • Automated queue management
  • Online appointments
  • Photocopying and photo booth
  • Lounge and personalised service
  • Dedicated Visa information website i.e
  • Online feedback services
  • online Visa application tracking

VFS Visa application centres

Harare: VFS Visa Processing Centre, Celestial Park, Block 6, Ground Floor

Bulawayo: VFS Visa Processing Centre, 128 Samuel Parirenyatwa Street, Between 13th and 14th Avenue

About VFS Global

VFS Global is the world’s largest outsourcing and technology services specialist for governments and diplomatic missions worldwide. The company manages administrative and non-judgmental tasks related to visa, passport, identity management and other citizen services for its client governments enabling them to focus entirely on the critical task of assessment. With 2309 Application Centres and operations in 127 countries across five continents, VFS Global serves the interests of 51 client governments. The company has successfully processed over 130 million applications since its inception in 2001.

SA government leading innovation in Africa

South Africa joins an elite club of countries using VFS Global. They are only the second country using VFS alongside Ghana though the latter only uses VFS for their permits. It is not a surprise that the two African countries are also in the forefront of Tech development and innovation on the continent.

A much welcome improvement for Zimbabwean permit seekers

The VFS centres will surely be embraced by Zimbabweans looking to migrate to South Africa. The automated systems and online support are set to reduce processing time and rid the South African embassy in Harare of the long queues.


8 Responses to "South Africa launches state of the art VFS Visa application centres in Harare and Bulawayo"

  1. I want to apply for a work permit and i am from Zimbabwe. I would like to know if i go to VFS offices in Bulawayo(Zim) what papers should i get from them which i will hand in to VFS in johannesburg .
    Thank you.

    1. What type of a permit do you have currently because if you go to south Africa as a visitor and want to apply they won’t grant you the permit because you can’t change your status from being a visitor . My advice come and apply in Zimbabwe but when you apply they take your passport. All the requirements are on the website

  2. Good day I’m sukoluhle.I wanna apply for a temporary spouse Bulawayo vfs the problem I can’t find online forms under Bulawayo vfs.or must I use the one under south African side.please help

  3. Hello

    I’m an artist a creative director and I do freelance work such as drawings and camera work my jib allows me to be my own boss and not work for a specific company however I’m struggling when it comes to my clients making payments especially if they want to do bank transfers. I can’t open a bank account because I don’t have a permit not mentioning the fact I have to contiously cross the border back and forth to keep my passport valid. What must I do ? Which permit ca imply for? Are we catered for as well?


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