Steward bank’s SQUARE app, great app or total kak?

Steward bank’s SQUARE app, great app or total kak?

I’m a lover of convenience and I was thrilled when Steward Bank announced Square Banking. A zero-rated data app linked to Ecocash. Finally, I could pay bills, buy ZESA, pay ZOL, DSTV, ZIPIT and even pay school fees. WOW! That is convenience. The app actually allows users to get a small $5 loan to purchase electricity in case of emergency. Sweet.

How to register for Steward Bank’s Square app

If you have a Steward Bank account, download the android app from the Google Play or from AppStore for Apple devices. Follow the steps below for registration;

  1. Open the mobile app
  2. Enter registered mobile number and login
  3. Enter Steward Bank account number and last 4 Digits of your ZimSwitch card
  4. Click Register
  5. You will receive a 6 digit OTP or 4 digit temporary PIN
  6. Enter the 6 digits OTP or 4 digits temporary PIN
  7. Set up a new PIN and confirm the PIN
  8. Registration complete, you can now access the mobile app menu

The general registration process seems to be vexing a lot of people. The 6 digit OTP or 4 digit temporary business seems not to be working too well especially if one has not seen these instructions.

Using the app for the first time

Nice clean interface with simple functions. The app feels familiar within a few seconds, which is really great. You will not need a manual for this one.

The best features

  1. Zero data – All Econet subscribers do not need airtime to use the app
  2. ZESA $5 loan – Account holders can get a $5 loan to get electricity
  3. Integrated functions – This app has the largest collection of integrated payments so far

The verdict, great app or kak?

This is the best mobile banking app yet in terms of the functionality and innovation. The app The zero data usage for Econet subscribers is ingenious. Data is expensive and well, don’t we all love freebies?

Great app I say. Kudos to the Steward Bank team. By the way, I was going to rate it kak because of some login issues but they fixed it in time!

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