Twitter now supports 360 live-stream videos

Twitter now supports 360 live-stream videos

Twitter yesterday announced through their blog a new a new 360 live-stream videos feature. This means users can now watch interactive videos on both their mobile devices and on desktop devices. 360 videos allow PC users to pan around the video using the mouse while mobile device users can tilt their devices around to different angles in space. The feature is available on both Twitter and Periscope.

Watch the first ever Periscope 360 video below by Alex Pettitt

The downside

While every Twitter and Periscope user will be able to watch 360 videos, not everyone is able to broadcast live 360 videos. At least not for now. The feature is currently on available to a select number of partners who can go live on Periscope.

Watch for the Badge

When you see a video marked with a LIVE 360 badge, you can interact with it to change what you see by moving your phone or swiping the screen – all while watching live. See what’s unfolding behind, above, or below the broadcaster’s view for an immersive experience

Is Twitter late to the party?

Facebook and Youtube jumped onto the 360 video wagon in 2015. Is Twitter late to the party? The answer is not really. 360 videos are yet to take off mostly because of one reason. 360 camera devices. These are not yet widely available and affordable for everyone to shoot their videos and share with the world.

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