Facebook launches journalism project, plots news sector revolution

Facebook launches journalism project, plots news sector revolution

A few hours ago Facebook announced the Facebook Journalism Project, a ploy by the social media giant to provide for better and efficient ways to deliver news via the internet. The project aims to facilitate news delivery and build a more reliable journalism ecosystem. The new project comes just weeks after Facebook announced a curb on fake news on the social platform. According to Facebook, the new project will work in 3 main ways

  1. Collaborative development of news products
  2. Training & Tools for Journalists
  3. Training & Tools for Everyone

What features is Facebook adding?

Facebook is adding a number of features to aid smooth news publishing and consumption. Most of the features that the Facebook journalism project is adding to the platform are enveloped around instant articles and Facebook live.

Multiple Article sharing in one post

Facebook will be testing a multiple articles in one post feature which will allow users to follow news more efficiently from their favorite news publishers.

Publishers will now be able to engage with audiences more. Publishers simply choose the articles and a cover image or video to package together in a set of Instant Articles. People on the latest version of our iOS and Android apps will be eligible to see these posts in News Feed and on a publisher’s Page in the coming weeks.

Live updates for publishers

Go Live From The Web

Facebook are rolling out a feature that will allow Pages to go live via a web browser. This news feature brings Facebook Live to laptops and desktop computers and will definitely ease broadcasting and provide for efficient and quality live-streaming.

Live Contributor for Pages

Previously, only page admins could go live on Facebook. However, with the new feature, news agencies can have multiple contributors going live on Facebook without compromising the page’s security.

Video Insights for Profiles

Facebook has promised to give video metrics for all pages with 5000 or more followers. These insights will provide page admins with information useful for proving more engaging video content. The new feature will also be available for individuals.

Live Comment Pinning

Live videos allow for comments during the live-stream. However, Facebook currently chooses what comments appear at the top of the feed. This is changing with the Live Comment Pinning feature which basically allows for admins to pin particular comments at the top of the feed.

Video Permalink for Pages

Pointing users to a live-stream is always a necessity. Facebook is adding a new feature to allow users to find and watch a live-stream through “facebook.com/pagename/videos

Video Crossposting

This feature will allow for admins to post videos to multiple pages concurrently and thus reach a wider audience with less hustle.

Journalism Project: Disruption or desperation?

Facebook has in the past been blamed for facilitating and supporting fake news on their platform. So the question is are they so desperate to cloud the platform with features to support media houses or is this a genuine project? The answer to that is currently hanging but no-one really likes fake news.

Traditional media better wake up

The new features from Facebook are a huge disruption to journalism as we know it. Any media house that is serious about surviving has to adopt new digital media and engage the younger and more tech-savvy audiences as well. This has been evidenced by the supposed fake news against Hilary Clinton which could have swung the vote against her. This is evidence of just how powerful the platform has really become.

Online Journalist courses

To enhance user and publisher experiences on Facebook, the social media giant is offering a number of courses. Some of the online free courses you can immediately take up include How Journalists Can Best Utilize Facebook and InstagramConnect and Engage with Your Audience Using Facebook LiveEngaging Storytelling with Instant Articles and Immersive Storytelling with 360 Video and Photos.


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