Zimbopy launching community clubs to teach coding to girls in Zimbabwe

Zimbopy launching community clubs to teach coding to girls in Zimbabwe

‘Coding is a language of the future, we’re teaching young Zimbabwean girls how to speak it,’ reads an inscription on Zimbopy’s newly launched website. Zimbopy is a newly launched initiative to teach local girls how to code. 3 months ago I caught up with Marlene Mhangami, the director of Zimbopy and Co-founder of Purple Lipstick. Marlene shared her passion for empowering young Zimbabwean women through tech and plans to launch afterschool programs in schools around Harare.

Zimbopy is an initiative by local Python developers and Purple Lipstick. Their mandate, to teach coding to girls in local communities, schools, universities and tech hubs.

Sign up for Zimbopy coding course

If you are a girl between the ages of 10-24 years, you can signup to take up the Python coding course. You can also check out the cause curriculum on Github. The course covers a number of basic syntaxes, then progresses into the application sections namely web development, data manipulation, mobile application development and also robotics.

Why Zimbabwean girls should learn to code

Coding is awesome

Ok, so we’ve all heard of Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs, right? They all built multi-billion entities on a coding foundation. How awesome is that?! Coding will set you apart, boost your confidence and sharpen your brain.

Coding is not hard

I’ve seen young girls read extremely thick novels in just a few days. If you can do that then why be afraid of coding? Forget the movies and how they portray coders as some genius geeks. You don’t have to build Voltron while coding, you might be shocked as some of the simple everyday applications of coding.

Coding is the new literacy

All the great tech gurus have emphasized time and again on how important it is for every young person in the world today to learn to code. Strive Masiiwa, a Zimbabwean tech guru has also expressed the importance for everyone to take up basic coding and how to setup and manage a website

Great jobs in STEM

Coding has probably the widest spectrum of application than any other skill I know. Almost everything tech you could imagine has taken some form of coding to come up with. So, the future can only get better. Coding skills are becoming more and more of a requirement each and every day.

Support the cause

I could not think of any better idea to get more Zimbabwean women in tech than teach young girls coding. Follow the initiative on Twitter and Facebook. Visit the Zimbopy website to learn more a contribute to the most worthy cause to encourage more women into tech!


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