New WhatsApp Status, everything you need to know

New WhatsApp Status, everything you need to know

WhatsApp has just released a new update to all Android users with a ‘SnapChat like’ status feature. The feature allows users to post a temporary status which supports text, images, and video. The status automatically disappears after 24 hours.

What’s new?

There are two major changes to the WhatsApp interface. Now you will have a ‘timeline’ which shows who has recently updated their WhatsApp status. This replaces the contacts tab. A new camera tab has also been added on the left side of the WhatsApp interface.

I can’t see my WhatsApp contacts list

A question a lot of WhatsApp Messenger users have been asking is ‘where are my WhatsApp contacts?’ The new contacts button can be found on the bottom right corner of your WhatsApp messenger

WhatsApp Status.

What can I set as my status?

The new feature allows users to set text, images, and video statuses. There is a size limit so videos will have to be trimmed so that they are not too long (no one wants to watch a WhatsApp status movie anyway). With WhatsApp now supporting gif images, this new feature brings quite the dimension to WhatsApp statuses.

Who can see my status?

Just like the old normal WhatsApp status, users can control who can view their status. There are three privacy modes for the WhatsApp status namely:

  1. My Contacts (Allows all contacts to see your status)
  2. My Contacts except… (Allows all contacts to see except specified ones)
  3. Only share with (Allows only specific contacts to see status)

A Snapchat stories clone

WhatsApp first tested the feature late last year (2016) through their Beta program and rolled it out to users in Europe and America a few days ago. The feature is a heavy SnapChat feature. While the feature may be new to Android users, iPhone users have had the feature for a few months now.

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