The Nokia 3310 is out and it’s complete with snake!

The Nokia 3310 is out and it’s complete with snake!

The Nokia 3310 is finally out following some massive hype and talk about one of the all-time best sellers. With Nokia plotting a comeback into the mobile device industry, they had to create a clever entry strategy. A strategy that would bring to them relevance and popularity after they fell off the grid a few years back.

Why we all love the Nokia 3310

Most kids that did not make it on time to see the Nokia 3310 own the world might never get to understand what the current hype is about. Well here are a few reasons why the Nokia 3310 is the undisputed king of all mobile phones in history:

nokia 3310

Battery life

The 3310 was the kind of phone which you would take with you on a weekend trip and deliberately ‘forget the charger’ at home. The Nokia literally had endless battery life. The new device does not seem to be far away from the great grandmaster of all mobile phones in terms of battery life, well on paper at least.


Nicknamed the ‘brick,’ the Nokia 3310 was one of the toughest devices you could ever come across. You could literally attack someone with you ‘brick’ phone, pick it up and call the ambulance for them. Let us hope nothing changes drastically in this aspect with the all new device.


For all those that have never played snake, make sure you get yourself a 3310 and enjoy the Angry birds of the early 2000s. The simple game it was, but it kept us entertained like no other.
Nokia 3310


Display: 2.4″ QVGA

Battery: 1200mAh, up to 22 hours talk time, 31 days standby. 51 hours music playback.

Cameras: 2MP LED light

Network: 2G, GSM 900/1800 MHz

Storage: 16MB internal, up to 32GB external memory card

The big question?

Was bringing back the Nokia 3310 a good idea? This is the million dollar question. Is Nokia doing themselves a favor or are they destroying a legacy that would have lasted in our memories forever? We will certainly find out in the next few months. All I know is I cannot wait to get my hands on the all new revamped legend!

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