Econet’s 100% bonus WiFi data bundles are back!

Econet’s 100% bonus WiFi data bundles are back!

Econet’s 100% bonus Wi-Fi bundles are back, The bonus bundle promotion was suspended sometime last year after it had been quite a hit with most mobile broadband users on the network. With over 300 public Wi-Fi hotspots strewn around the country, Econet’s 100% bonus WiFi bundle are really something worth getting excited about. While definitely not for everyone, it was very popular among the relatively ‘heavy’ mobile broadband users.

The bonus Wi-Fi bundle give 100% ‘free’ data when you buy selected data bundles from Econet. The promotion is available for daily, weekly and monthly data bundles. To get the 100% bonus WiFi, just dial *143# and buy a daily, weekly or monthly data bundle and you will get free Wi-Fi bonus.

The promotion makes a lot of sense for anyone who really needs some heavy mobile broadband plan and moves around quite a bit. I personally have been using the Econet daily data bundle for over a year now save for the time I’m at the office. The downside to the promotion is having to get to an Econet Wi-Fi hotspot to use the bonus data.

Econet also has a Wi-Fi Zone app available on Google Play which you can use to quickly and easily find an Econet Wi-Fi Zone in your vicinity and move from your normal data connection to a wireless connection. Once you find one all you need to do is connect and follow prompts.

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