Facebook launches Suicide Prevention Tools to help you help friends in need

Facebook launches Suicide Prevention Tools to help you help friends in need

Facebook continues its push to make the social media platform entertaining, useful and safe for all its users. The social media giant is now fighting to help people who are suicidal on Facebook through a series of tools and programs they are putting together. Facebook is obviously well positioned from a social perspective to help friends connect and stop suicidal behaviors on the social platform. With a suicide attempt taking place every 40seconds in the world, it is crucial that every organization that has the capability and resources that Facebook has to take on such a social ill.

The Suicide Prevention tools are very similar to the image flagging/reporting tools that Facebook introduced in 2015 which allows users to report a disturbing post or picture. Similarly, the new feature allows Facebook to reach out to a typically suicidal Facebook Live streamer. Facebook is partnering with organizations that deal with issues like suicide, eating disorders and others in the United States. While suicide prevention tools have been available on Facebook for a few years now, it’s only in 2016 that these tools expanded to be widespread.

The new tools will be integrated into Facebook Live. People watching People watching a live video have the option to reach out to the person directly and to report the video to Facebook directly. Facebook will, in turn, provide resources to help the reporter help a friend.

The person sharing a Live video will then see a set of resources on their screen. They will then have the option to reach out to a friend, contact help services or use tips laid out for them on their screen.

Suicide Prevention Tools

Facebook is also using Artificial Intelligence and Pattern Recognition technologies to identify posts that are highly suicidal. By analyzing previously reported posts, through AI, Facebook can identify such posts and potentially save lives.

There have already been cases of people committing suicide live on Facebook, something that is really not desirable. The new suicide prevention tool definitely makes the Facebook platform a better place.

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