No need for a sim card with Powertel’s PowerConnect Univoice service

No need for a sim card with Powertel’s PowerConnect Univoice service

PowerTel Communications, a subsidiary of ZESA Holdings has launched a new service called PowerConnect Univoice. The service allows users to own a 08611 Powertel mobile number without having to buy a sim card. Conventionally one would need a CDMA device to use a Powertel line. That is a big problem because CDMA devices are not readily available in Zimbabwe as it is not a widespread network mode.

Powertel’s new service is direct competition to Telone’s Talk+ service which was launched in 2016. What remains to be seen is which of the two will attract more customers. As it stands, Talk+ offers a better deal with calls to local Mobile Networks standing at $0.07 per minute.

  • You enjoy significantly lower tariffs ($0.05 on-net and $0.09 off-net)
  • You do not need a sim card
  • The application is borderless, you can use your allocated number anywhere in the world as long as you have internet access
  • Tariffs remain the same wherever you are
  • No need for a CDMA device, any smartphone will suffice
  • You can download the app on multiple devices and use them interchangeably
  • Powertel also claim Lowest battery usage

While VoIP provides a cheaper alternative for voice calls, it is still not quite the solution for the masses. It, however, is a great option for businesses and people who frequently travel out of the country and would want to call back home without the hustle of expensive international roaming.

If you would like to register for a 08611 PowerConnect number just email [email protected] and attach your Zimbabwean Identification. Once you get details from Powertel you will then have to download the PowerConnect application and you are all ready to go.

You can download the PowerConnect Univoice app for Android on Google Play, MacOS and Windows. Powertel have mentioned that the PowerConnect will be available for iOS in the next couple of weeks.

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