WordPress in Shona coming soon, here is how you can contribute in translating it

WordPress in Shona coming soon, here is how you can contribute in translating it

According to statistics, WordPress powers more than 27% of the internet making it by far the most popular CMS (Content Management System) in the world. Now try and imagine WordPress in Shona (WIS). Yes the most used CMS will soon be available in Shona.

We spoke to Achim Munene who is heading up the translation project. He mentioned how anyone was free to contribute to the translation process. The project started a month ago and is picking momentum.

How will WordPress in Shona help Zimbabweans?

This is the single most important question? Does anyone really need WordPress in Shona or any other local language? While we cannot answer that outright, what we know is other countries have done it. Other countries basically use the internet in their native languages. That being said, WordPress in Shona will definitely help web users in Zimbabwe to publish their content or translate sites to Shona.

The web has been mainly English driven and until recently some countries have already started to take ownership of the web distributing content in their own language, by offering translations we allow our content creators to create high quality content without language barriers. WordPress is Shona is still in progress and I’m asking all WordPress users to join in the fun – Achim Munene, WIS Project Lead

There is already a handful of content in Shona on the web. Content producers like VOA already have dedicated native language sites such as VOA Shona and VOA Ndebele which deliver news in Shona an Ndebele respectively. This is all evidence that having a Shona CMS might actually be worth the while.

Join in the fun

Like we mentioned, anyone can contribute to translating WordPress into Shona. All you need is a wordpress.org account and you can start making contributions for translation at https://translate.wordpress.org/wc and start making contributions.

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