YouTube launches YouTube TV streaming service..but..

YouTube launches YouTube TV streaming service..but..

YouTube recently announced they would be launching their own TV streaming service call YouTube TV. The service comes into an already flooded marketplace with services like Amazon and Netflix. YouTube’s strength, however, lies in the traction it already has. Yesterday they announced that users around the world are now watching more than 1 billion hours of YouTube Videos daily. These statistics are really the ones that justify Youtube’s take-on of already existing services.

Here are the major highlights of YouTube Live Streaming service;

  • Live TV streaming from major broadcasters

With major casters like ESPN, FOX, ABC and CBN already on board, YouTube is definitely poised to cause major disruption. The number of content providers is definitely going to increase with time.

  • A cloud DVR, with no storage limits

Storage of you favorite shows is always a major drawback with most services. This is where YouTube TV kind of wins with unlimited cloud storage.

  • Multi-Device Compatibility

YouTube TV will allow for streaming on a whole range of gadgets, phone, tablet, TV, Android or iOS.

  • Six accounts, one price

Another cool feature. Pay a single fee and you can get up to 6 different accounts. This is a great feature for family setups or for those that want to share costs.

  • $35

At $35, YouTube TV is a relatively affordable streaming service especially considering the promised content and features.

On the downside, YouTube Live will only be available in a few cities in the United States soon while there has been no mention of when or if the service will go international anytime soon.

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