YouTube videos reach 1 billion hours of daily views internationally

YouTube videos reach 1 billion hours of daily views internationally

That short YouTube video that you watched an hour ago might not seem like much but guess what, YouTube users around the world are now topping 1 billion hours of streaming every day. While there is a bunch of heavy users out there, your contribution to the 1 billion hours counts big time. .

If you are still trying to figure out just how long 1 billion hours is then picture this, if you decided to watch 1 billion hours of YouTube videos then it would take you about 100,000 years to watch it all.

YouTube videos represent the most diverse collection of internet video content hence the site’s popularity. In Zimbabwe, YouTube is the third most visited site after and with visitors spending a daily average time of 9 minutes and 35 seconds on the site (statistics from Alexa). The average time local users spend on YouTube is quite surprising when we take into account the way data is expensive in Zimbabwe. The statistics might suggest the majority of YouTube users are on some unlimited internet plans (especially work internet)

YouTube owes its popularity to the freedom of use it offers to users. Anyone can upload their video on YouTube. While YouTube reserves the right to remove videos from the site, it is still the most flexible video site in the world and allows for creativity and engagement.

Expect even more hours

With more and more YouTube videos being posted , the amount of time YouTube users spend watching videos is only going to rise after they recently announced YouTube TV. With Facebook now serving videos aggressively, YouTube will consistently have to be on their toes if they are to remain relevant in the video serving industry. Competition like the Facebook TV app means YouTube need to innovate so as to wade off competition.

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