ZOL reduces data prices, introduces awesome ‘Night Owl’ feature for late night surfers

ZOL reduces data prices, introduces awesome ‘Night Owl’ feature for late night surfers

Broadband data is by no means cheap in Zimbabwe. Should you get cheap broadband then you probably will pay a steeper price in speeds and reliability. Well, that might just be on the verge of changing as one of the best broadband companies in Zimbabwe, ZOL Zimbabwe has slashed prices for their capped fibroniks packages. ZOL has bumped up the caps for their packages. The cheapest package which was previously priced at $29 for 15GB has been bumped to 25GB all at the same price. Check out the new prices below;

Image: New ZOL Fibroniks packages

Zol has also introduced ‘Night Owl’ which is an optional off-peak pricing for browsing between 11 pm and 6 am. The night owl packages start at $6 for 25GB essentially making ZOL Fibroniks the hottest broadband connection in town. For just $35 you can now get 50GB of data which translates to $0.70 per GB. Considering price and quality, this becomes a great deal indeed!

Putting 2 and 2 together

Now ZOL gave Zimbabwe some awesome free internet through the festive season probably to give us all a taste of what ZOL Fibroniks is like. Truth be told, that promotion did really get everyone talking and wishing they could afford some ZOL internet. Well, it seems there will be a bit more ZOL Fibroniks after this massive price cut. Well played ZOL, well played.

Are the data wars on?

Now we’ve all seen the ZOL vs TelOne data wars. It is no big secret the two have been going at it all be it in the wittiest of ways. The big question is this, ‘how will TelOne respond to ZOL’s new pricing?’ It will really be interesting to see how this will go or if the ADSL people will respond. If they do respond (Which is highly likely) then ladies and gentlemen, brace yourselves for some great internet!

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