Econet introduces ‘bonus’ data bundles for Twitter and Instagram

Econet introduces ‘bonus’ data bundles for Twitter and Instagram

Great news for all ‘Twimbos’ and ‘Grammers’ out there, Econet Wireless has introduced new WhatsApp and Facebook bundles. The new bundles are combos of the already popular bundles with Twitter and Instagram bundles. When you buy a WhatsApp bundle is now comes with a stipulated ‘free’ Twitter bundle while the Facebook bundles now come with an Instagram bundles. This means for the same price you have been paying you now get a little more Megabytes. We all want a little more, don’t we?

The bundles can be purchased by dialling *143# and following prompts. Here are the data allocations and prices for the new combo-bundles;

WhatsApp bundles

Daily US$0.30 WhatsApp 20MB +Twitter 10MB
Weekly US$1.00 WhatsApp 90MB + Twitter 45MB
Monthly US$3.00 WhatsApp 220MB + Twitter 110MB

Facebook bundles

Daily US$0.30 Facebook 20MB +Instagram 10MB
Weekly US$1.00 Facebook 70MB + Instagram 35MB
Monthly US$3.00 Facebook 220MB + Instagram 110MB

Even though we are not very excited by the Instagram bundle (was never excited by the Facebook one anywhere) this is still quite the move by Zimbabwe’s leading Mobile Network Operator (MNO). The WhatsApp-Twitter combo is fantastic and will certainly be a hit with a lot of users. The Facebook-Instagram bundle seems just a bit too ‘thin’ to handle image-rich social media platform that Facebook and Instagram are. It would really be interesting to have the statistics of the two bundles.

WiFi bundles

Econet has also introduced usage-based (data-capped) WiFi bundles. The bundles can either be Public WiFi or Private WiFi bundles and can be accessed via the *143# USSD code. We are still gathering more info on the validity periods of the bundles and will update we get more information.

Here are the tariffs for the WiFi bundles;

Private WiFi bundles


Public WiFi bundles


These new bundles are another first from Econet and will definitely prompt a response from Telecel and Netone. We will wait and see if the other MNOs follow suit anytime soon.

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