Nyamabox, the Bulawayo startup that will deliver meat to your doorstep

Nyamabox, the Bulawayo startup that will deliver meat to your doorstep

A Bulawayo-based startup, Nyamabox, has come up with a convenient and innovative way to supply consumers with meat. Nyamabox allows customers to order meat products from the comfort of their homes through a subscription based system. The standard meat pack at Nyamabox goes for about $20 for 5kg which is really a pretty good deal. For every meet pack that you buy, Nyamabox will also donate 500g of meat to public institutes like hospitals and orphanages.

The ordering process is quite simple. Simply visit the Nyamabox website and place your order or contact Nyamabox via phone call, text or WhatsApp. Payment methods include EcoCash, TeleCash, ZimSwitch or bank deposit. The startup is also working on accepting Visa and MasterCard payments so as to cater for all clients.

Nyamabox is the perfect example of innovation brilliance in Zimbabwe which is fighting to break the ‘tradition’ barriers. The startup is a disruption to the meat market. However, e-commerce has been marred by a host of challenges in the country. The cost of data, scepticism, lack of consumer trust and poor service delivery are just a few of the many reasons e-commerce has not really taken off in Zimbabwe. E-commerce requires a strong backbone of trust and efficiency. Something that most e-commerce entities in Zimbabwe have not been able to quite deliver just right. We hope the Nyamabox team will join the elite e-commerce success stories in Zimbabwe (The ones that have earned the public’s trust and approval).

Nyamabox is founded by two young entrepreneurs from Bulawayo, Jeff Chivheya and Xolani Ndlovu. The two are also the co-founders of Student X, a student mentorship program meant to help Zimbabwean students excel academically.

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