Airtime juicer app will automatically pick up buddie juice cards

Airtime juicer app will automatically pick up buddie juice cards

Ever struggle with ‘juicing’ your buddie line using scratch cards because you are in a hurry, cannot clearly see the numbers or some other reason? If so then the Airtime Juicer app for Android is for you. The app uses your phone’s camera to pick up the digits on a scratched Buddie ‘juice card’ and adds the *121* prefix and the # suffix to your dialer saving quite the time and effort.

How to use the Airtime Juicer app

  1. Download the Airtime Juicer app from Google play
  2. Install and launch the Android Juicer app
  3. Scratch your Buddie airtime juice card (make sure all the numbers are visible)
  4. Scan the juice card with your phone’s camera and the app will automatically pick up the juice card number and add to it the *121* prefix and # suffix
  5. Press the dial button to complete the airtime top-up process

You can also watch the video below by the app developer on how the app works;

The application will only work for Econet lines and scratch cards for now. The application also works freely for the first 15 uses only. Should one find the application useful after the trial finishes then they have to activate the application for $1 which is payable using EcoCash (the application will guide you on how to make your payment and activate the full version)

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