Facebook GIF comments roll-out for all users

Facebook GIF comments roll-out for all users

Facebook GIF comments are now available to all desktop users. The rollout comes at a time when GIFs are celebrating 30 years of use. While Facebook has supported the use of GIF images on the Social networking platform, users have until now had to enter the GIF image URL. Now commenting with a GIF is easier as the platform has a ‘Facebook GIF comments’ button in the comments button area.

The new feature brings yet another new dimension to the platform’s visual interaction. In recent months Facebook introduced other visual changes like the colored status background and video autoplay.

Facebook will also be holding a poll to end a long-standing debate on how to pronounce GIF. There has always been a debate as to whether the word is pronounced with a hard or soft ‘G’ (geef or jiff). Well, they have the resources so they can do what they want!

How to use the Facebook GIF comments

The GIF comments button is fairly simple for any ‘Facebooker’ to use. The button is in the bottom right corner of every post (along wth the insert emoji, post sticker and attach a photo or video buttons). To insert a GIF simply click the Facebook GIF comments button and a GIF search box will pop out. Search for the GIF you want to use. The GIF will be searched from popular GIF with huge content indexes like Giphy and Tenor. Once you find the GIF you are looking for simply click it and it is posted on the comments.

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