Facebook’s Find Wi-Fi launched for global use

Facebook’s Find Wi-Fi launched for global use

Last week Friday Facebook rolled out its ‘Find Wi-Fi’ for use worldwide on iPhone and Android. Find Wi-Fi is a Facebook feature that highlights free public Wi-Fi networks nearby. Last year the feature had only been launched on iOS only in a couple of countries only on a test model. On the pilot, Facebook found out Find Wi-Fi to be a very helpful tool to people travelling and those who are on-the-go.

Facebook understands the feature is mostly useful to users when travelling, and also when in areas where there’s ‘scarce’ cellular data, says the social media company.

Find Wi-Fi, like other new additions to Facebook’s portal, will be accessed from the ‘More’ tab if it’s in the Facebook mobile app. After turning it on, Facebook will display a map of the closest Wi-Fi hotspots along with details of the providing businesses.

The feature is believed to be a more powerful tool for emerging markets like those in Africa as users often have limited data plans and spotty cellular coverage in general. However, in more developed markets like the US, that could only mean more remote, rural locations.

To start using the feature, a business must first claim their Wi-Fi network by navigating to their “Edit Page Info” on their Facebook Page. Or simply put, it’s an opt-in setting.

Find Wi-Fi is will be another big addition to Facebook’s efforts to help its users with mobile connectivity and it looks like the app will definitely go a long way in helping the cause.

Watch the video below to see how the Find Wi-Fi feature works;




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