Samsung Galaxy S8 ‘Active’ leaked: Images

Samsung Galaxy S8 ‘Active’ leaked: Images

Following a report that Samsung was working on an Active version of their 2017 flagship smartphone, Galaxy S8, there has been a leak through a Reddit AMA that reveals quite a lot about the handset.

The leak shows that Samsung removed the Galaxy S8’s curved edge display, and the result was a little widening of the side bezels.

The leak narrative goes as; the leaker received the prototype from a San Francisco based Samsung employee who is his friend, claims the leaker.

On the Reddit thread, the leaker answered questions about the Active version, showed images and a video (which the user pulled down a few moments later).

The device just like with the earlier Galaxy devices will be an AT&T exclusive with the model number SM-G892A. It has a large 4.000mAh battery and has the same size as the smaller 5.8-inch Galaxy 5.8. The handset retains its MIL certification. Samsung has not included the ‘Active Key’ which is likely to be replaced with a non-remappable Bixby button.

Galaxy S8
Image credit: BGR

Also, the S8 Active is said to retain the standard specs of the other Galaxy S8 units. Meaning it’ll be powered by the snap dragon 835 CPU, 4GB of RAM, 64GB + MicroSD card space. A 12MP rear facing camera, an 8 MP Selfie camera, and Oi wireless charging. The prototype is currently running Android 7.0 but will be updated once the device & android O are both revealed. The S8 Active is said to be roughly 1.5 inches the thickness of the standard models.

The S8 inherited a disastrous legacy from the Galaxy Note 7 which Samsung had to recall 11 months ago after reports of the batteries exploding and catching fire. Samsung somewhat managed to redeem themselves with their new flagship phone.

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