How to get ZOL Fibroniks internet installed at your home for free

How to get ZOL Fibroniks internet installed at your home for free

If your area is covered on ZOL’s Fibroniks Network then you can have their fiber optic cables installed at your home for free in the following simple steps:

Step 1: Sign Up & Pay

To start the sign-up process you can contact ZOL’s sales team on 08677 111 111 or e-mail [email protected] for assistance,


You can simply signup online to subscribe for your first monthly broadband coverage. Signing up online should take 2 minutes or so and after that, you’ll have to wait while you’re queued for installation.

The waiting time for installation of ZOL Fibroniks at your at your house is about 3-5 days, note, that is only after paying your first monthly broadband subscription which starts at US$ 29.00. If you submit forms without payment there won’t be any installation.

Step 2: Cable Path Mapping.

A ZOL team will call you to arrange a date and time with you so that when they arrive you’ll be available to grant them access to your premises.

ZOL contractors will map a path to dig and lay the pipe, and then they’ll have to drill into your house to lay the tube where the fiber threads will run through.

Fiber cables will have to be laid underground for protection to avoid connection disruptions.

Step 3: Connecting Your House

Fiber threads are then blown into your house through the laid tube. An engineer will then finalize the connection into the modem in the house and your service will be activated.


1). the entire installation process is free of charge.

2). ZOL claims its speeds can be up to a 100 per second.

3). you’ll get a free phone (only on installation I suppose), and free calls and free minutes on top of it all.

4). don’t forget the packages start at US$29.00

ZOL also has free WiFi hotspots around the country which you could use to test out their internet speeds. Users get 1-hour free internet every day.






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