Fadzayi Mahere launches computer coding program

Fadzayi Mahere launches computer coding program

Fadzayi Mahere, an independent candidate running for MP in Zimbabwe’s upcoming harmonised elections has launched a coding initiative. The program is called CODE <MP/> and is an initiative to give every Grade 5 student in the Mount Pleasant constituency (where she is running for MP) a chance to learn at least one programming language. The politician also promises to provide free computer literacy programs to anyone who would need such.

Donate a laptop/computer

To kickstart the program, Mahere is asking for anyone with an old laptop or computer that they can donate to the cause to get in touch via WhatsApp: +263 777 227 237 or her Facebook Page.

Why this is important

Coding has become such an important skill since the internet took over the world. The skill is no longer just a ‘tech’ or ‘geek’ thing as many might still think it is. Coding has evolved to control economies and has been proven to help with logical thinking. While it isn’t important to master code, it is very critical for one to learn the basics of it, basic enough to understand what happens underneath one’s computer. The future of the world is without doubt extremely digital. The Digital Application market is expected to reach US$6.4 trillion by 2021, a telling sign that coding skills will increasingly be in demand.

Catch them young

When learned early on in life, coding becomes somewhat natural. Programmers who learned the skill early on in their lives always show a deeper understanding of the logic of code and exhibit advanced thinking even beyond programming. It is more or less like learning a spoken language, learning a computer language is better done early on in life. The most successful figures in tech have been known to have started coding at very tender ages. The likes of Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg all started coding early on.


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