10 best e-commerce software to use for your business online (2017-2018)  

10 best e-commerce software to use for your business online (2017-2018)  

If you’re looking to start an online store for your business, these are currently some of the best options for all e-commerce software, and most probably will be just as good in 2018.

Some of the things you could consider before picking an e-commerce software to use include; platform-pricing, features, support services, payment systems, nature and size of your business, web store building technical knowhow, trial periods, reviews by other users, and additional tools.

1). Shopify

Shopify is one of the best-paid platforms for businesses that would want to venture into e-commerce. Shopify can be used by businesses for taking orders from customers, selling online, and can also be used on the go and in retail stores.

Shopify is a complete and very effective e-commerce website builder that allows different scales of business to set up stores online to sell their goods. Merchants can easily list their products, customize their forefronts, receive credit card payments, market, respond to customer orders, sell different types of goods, and track products. Shopify is an almost one-stop-shop for tools needed to create a lucrative online shop for e-commerce.

Shopify features 100+ clean and professional store themes that can be easily customized, an app-store to enhance store functionality that is made up of 1400+ plug and play apps (most are for free), amazing store design for Facebook & Pinterest, mobile-phone store management, a huge support community and vast amounts of tutorial resources, and $0.00 transaction fees when using Shopify payments.

Shopify currently, powers 50000+ stores on the web & mostly small merchants & big businesses have processed over $40 Billion worth of sales through the platform.


  • Lite Plan            $9.00 per month
  • Basic Plan         $29 month
  • Shopify Plan     $79 per month

Shopify comes with a free 14-day trial.

2). WooCommerce

WooCommerce can also be used by both individuals running small businesses and huge businesses that are making use of WordPress. WooCommerce is a free open source plug-in for integration with WordPress built websites. WooCommerce is commonly known for its affordability as with most open-source software, easy installation and customization, and free base product.

Businesses can sell their digital and physical from anywhere around the globe. The e-commerce software features a ready PayPal payment Gateway (for sellers to receive pay pal and credit card payments) and a cash on delivery system. Merchants can also add almost any of the other payment gateways of their choice for use in their stores. ‘Storefront,’ a WordPress theme that is available for free will guarantee deep integration with WooCommerce for seamless update coherence in cases of WooCommerce Software Updates.

A 100+ mostly free, (and paid), WooCommerce extensions that will take care of logistical and technical requirement and the software has extensions for the varying user needs.

To start an eCommerce store with WooCommerce, to get started the easy way you can sign up here (which is paid for), or to do it do your way you could check out the WooCommerce lesson resources over here.

3). Shop Direct

In case you want to support African, e-commerce developers, although not just for the sake of it, from the look of it, Shop Direct seems to be the biggest integrated Software out of Africa so far that can get businesses online in no time. Shop Direct has all the tools to get a business started online with ease and it welcomes individual merchants as well as large traders from almost all varying markets and industries.

Shop Direct features; a massive top search-engine indexing system that will ensure quicker store ranking on the relevant internet searches, customers can see product prices in their own currencies they’re used to due Shop Direct multi-currency system which updates prices dynamically for 190 countries around the world. And, also Shop Direct comes with an integration of the major Global payment methods that include EFT, Pay Pal, Visa, and Master Card. Great designs that sell, list anywhere, sell everywhere, merchant get their shop plugged into South Africa’s leading shop engines & marketing places enabling them to get a visibility form.

You can get information about Shop Direct services here.

4). Drupal Commerce

Drupal Commerce is another affordable e-commerce solution for small and big merchants. Drupal Commerce is open source software, which generally entails affordability when it comes to higher quality, innovation, and faster speed.

The platform makes it possible for workflow optimization and development of an administration system that makes it easier for non-techies to customize and as explore the new possibility of new ideas, making Drupal Commerce an excellent fit for marketing driven commerce.

Drupal Commerce can easily adapt to changes in need of websites through integration with third part systems, feature enhancements, and International functionality.

5). 3d Cart

3dcart is also a viable option for both large and small merchants, the all in one software has a various range of pricing options for different sizes of businesses to pick and vast amounts of includes almost similar to Shopify’s.

3dcart packages come with unlimited, inventory online storage for merchants, bandwidth, free domain registration, and API connectivity. 3dcart can be used on a free 15-day trial before a merchant chooses the right plan for their business store.

3dcart Pricing:

  • Basic      $29.00 per month
  • Plus        $79 per month
  • Pro         $229 per month

Some of 3dcart’s Front End Features include one page check out, tax and shipping calculations for real time quotes for customers, and a rewards program to enhance customer loyalty. Back end features include, Smart-categories product organisation, a Point-Of-Sale function for selling in person, templates for more appealing email marketing campaigns, synchronization with eBay & Amazon to sell across multiple channels.

6). LemonStand

With LemonStand, entrepreneurs can enjoy a free 14-day trial and zero transaction fees.  LemonStand offers three premium levels of service plans with different prices and each of the level packages comes with different features.

LemonStand was launched on July 28, 2010, by the Canadian e-commerce company LemonStand which is headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia. LemonStand developer is LemonStand eCommerce Inc. LemonStand software is written in PHP, and operates on a cross-platform.


  • Starter                $19.00 per month
  • Growth               $69.00 per month
  • Professional      $199.00 per month

Over 30 000 merchants are making use of LemonStand, and enjoy free e-commerce tips, and hacks that are sent to their email inboxes for free. LemonStand, unlike most e-commerce software, has its own complete e-commerce training that is based on core business principles to guarantee that each and every user of the software can manage to get good conversions.

LemonStand has been regarded as the best e-commerce software for Startups that are growing at a rapid pace and not looking to make massive financial investments. LemonStand has been over the years developed to scale with some of the fastest growing companies in the world.

7). PrestaShop

PrestaShop is reputable and easy to use open-source e-commerce software. PrestaShop has been in operation since 2005. In 2005 BuiltWith reported that PrestaShop ran 0.9% of all open-source e-commerce websites and currently W3Techs says 0.5% of all websites on the internet are making use of PrestaShop for their e-commerce business.

An experienced developer can have a store running in just a few minutes with PrestaShop.  PrestaShop e-commerce stores feature, order management, catalog management, channel management, email marketing, inventory management, product configuration, returns management, SEO Management, shopping cart, and has more than 300 built in features, product listings management, shipping, suppliers, manufactures, and payments.

If the default PrestaShop theme (responsive by default) is inadequate for a user, they can always make use of PrestaShop add-ons marketplace, a platform for third-party developers to sell themes and modules to merchants.

PrestaShop is one of the best e-commerce platforms and one of the widely used e-commerce platforms in the world. Merchants can choose their payment method from over 50 world-class payment solutions and gateways. And remember PrestaShop is free e-commerce software.

8). Selz

Selz allows for the creation of an incredibly simple and professional online business. Store creators do not need programming skills when working with Selz and it takes a few minutes to get a store running. Over A 100.000 merchants from around the globe are already making use of the e-commerce platform.

Selz key store features include full featured shopping cart that is easy to use and compatible with WordPress themes, social commerce that comes with a free Facebook Store and one click sharing and selling on Twitter & Pinterest, a Selz application store that will help with store functionality extension (most of the Selz applications are for free), selling physical products, digital downloads or service-automated secure download links for digital items, delivery options for physical products.

According to reviews, Selz meets best the needs of small businesses and works well for artists, writers, musicians, and startups and to get going easily and in no time. Selz can be easily added to their running WordPress websites or blogs.

Selz has quite affordable monthly packages:

  • Free                 $0.00 per month
  • Lite                  $12.99 per month
  • Standard        $19.99 per month
  • Pro                  $26.99 per month

Merchants can start using Selz on a Free 14-Day Trial

9). Easy Digital Downloads

Easy Digital Downloads primary focus is to help in the distribution of digital downloads.

Easy Digital Downloads is an e-commerce Software solution for WordPress and it is built to fuel online businesses without the need of any other dependencies and takes precaution on user specific needs.

Easy Digital Downloads is a free, full featured e-commerce plug-in extensions are optional WordPress plug-ins that extends functionality of stores. And the Easy Digital extensions that are included are, email marketing integrations, robust payment gateways, accounting, bookkeeping tools and much more.

Easy Digital Downloads key features include, shopping cart, customer management, discount codes, data reporting. Additional core features include; rest API, payment history, file download logs, file access control, customer accounts.

10). Paypal Shopping Cart

For quite a simple to set up e-commerce business solution, merchants can always opt for Pay Pal’s Shopping Cart. With PayPal ecommerce shopping cart, buy buttons, complete shopping carts, and product images can simply be added to an existing website running on almost any host. Or Paypal shopping cart can be used with Yahoo Stores for an easy set up process.

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